Trackmaster Track Day & Event Brake Pads

Cosworth TrackMaster brake pads offer exceptional performance for Track Day and Event drivers.
With the brake pads heat seared during production, so reducing bed-in periods, TrackMaster brake pads deliver a strong braking effect through 800C consistently and reliably with a great pedal response.

  • Track day driving
  • Extremely high friction level 0.7µ friction coefficient
  • Strong brake effect through 800°C
  • "Vee" line expansion groove technology - superb debris clearance
  • Fitted with premium quality shim hardware - silent braking technology
  • Durability Factor 9.5 with minimal disc abrasion
  • Super fast "bed-in" typically under 2 laps
  • Heat stable,  predictable & heat cycle exceptionally well
  • This track formulation CAN be safely used on highways except in Europe where ECE
  • R90 approvals are required. This pad has too much brake effect to be compliant with these regulations.