General performance accessories

Cosworth Oil Filler Caps

The Cosworth Oil Filler Cap is machined from solid aluminium with the traditional Cosworth "three prong" ergonomic style.
This light weight oil filler cap includes an oil ring sealing feature , preinstalled to ensure leak free operation on your engine.

• Each cap features a durable anodised finish.
• Machined from solid aluminium
• Includes pre-installed O-ring for leak free operation
• Ergonomic, classic Cosworth three prong design


Subaru Billet Timing Belt Guide

Part number SB0001
The OEM sheet metal timing belt guide can flex from belt deflection when subjected to extreme RPM causing the timing belt to skip one or more teeth on the crankshaft sprocket.
The Cosworth Billet Timing Belt Guide was developed to control this problem

• Machined from solid aluminium with a hard anodised finish.
• Includes mounting hardware.


Subaru Billet Cam Angle Sensor Bracket

Part number SB0002

Used for mounting the cam angle sensor to the front of non North American Spec
STI cylinder heads. Useful for adapting our cylinder heads to Japanese and European market engines.


Air Pump Delete

Part number 20004539
Used to eliminate the air pump and related valves found on 2006-2008 Subaru Engines. Used for high performance  applications or adapting later cylinder heads to early engines.

• Seals off the air injection ports at the cylinder heads.
• Saves weight
• Reduces complexity and,cleans up engine compartment.
• Machined from solid aluminium with a "Cosworth blue" anodised finish.
• Mounting hardware included.

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