Low temperature thermostats

Cosworth Low Temp Motorsport Thermostats are engineered with the optimum temperature range in mind for high performance use.

• Cosworth Low Temp Thermostats compared to other brands have the ability to precisely control the flow of coolant when the valve opens.

• Inferior brands allow the coolant to surge thereby causing unstable temperatures and even temperature fluctuation that can cause severe engine damage and make it difficult to properly tune or calibrate the engine

• Cosworth opening starts at 76oC (169°F) and is fully open at 90oC - Engine running temperature is 80-82°C (176-180°F)

• OEM Opening starts at 90oC (194°F) and is fully open at 95oC- Engine running temperature is 90-92°C (194-198°F)

• Reduced operating temperature improves both volumetric efficiency and knock limit

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